Down to the River, Sept 2002, was a site-specific New Theatre Works production covering a distance of 3 miles along the river in Hereford. The audiences were taken on an historical tour, a walk by the river with a strange tour guide. Along the way they learnt facts about our national heritage but strange things then started to happen. Janine performed physical miracles as she ran along the river to beat the audience s arrival at each site, and changed roles with amazing speed. The unforgettable singing mermaid in the middle of the River Wye, symbolizing the largest fish ever caught was on that spot, was only topped by her one woman performance dressed as a Knight, of the battle between the Welsh and The English on Castle Green the audience participated of course, to her song and dance routine as Nell Gwynn. “Never again” said Janine but she did another site-specific extravaganza the following year.