Carry on Down the River September 2003 a site-specific production along the river at Symonds Yat Monmouthshire. New Theatre Works astounded the audiences as they boarded the ferryboats and were taken on a journey they will never forget. Janine performed her swan song, with a physically taxing series of performances in which she switched roles with alarming speed having to run to each site and beat the arrival of the ferryboat. From Bollywood dancing on the beach to swinging down from a tree singing as Doris Day Cowgirl to dying in the river as the unforgettable Bond girl to a raunchy Marlene call girl monologue that shocked the unshockable to a Hollywood dance routine where she takes off her disguise as a man and becomes a cross between Ginger Rogers and Ethel Merman. The River Sticks takes the exhausted troupe of 4 actors across the river accompanied by Ian Russell’s beautiful music into the arms of a giant puppet. The production involved 150 members of the Community and is still talked about along the gorge to this day. Thank you Kingfisher Ferries for being wonderful.